Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Biased Feeling

So finally it is out...or say leaked....The Liberhan Report.....

Which was supposed to take 3 months for final submission...but unfortunately it took 17 long years...and made some very obvious comments and suggestions. Whatever the wounds of the past are fresh again and surely it will be painful.

I have never known of the Babri Masjid fall until 1999. I was in Sehore(MP) that time, the time was of 13th lokshabha elections and we children's gather around and shared which party their parents gonna vote for. That evening I asked my father, for whom shall he vote?? "For panja(congress) or for fool(bpj)?". He said he would not share that but he will vote for neither of them. All of the houses in our small town colonies were having some kind of flag or poster or a banner of some political party. I also wanted some flag of banner over our house(as my friends used to make fun of me not not knowing which party my parents will vote for)....I have heard from my friend and from shushma swaraj herself in a political really about the act of Babri Masjid.....we were so excited that a political leader is in our town and we rushed to have a glimpse of her.

I was curious and asked my friends if they knew about Babri here was that narration of my friend,"Wahan Ram Bhagwan rehte the unke ghar ko todkar wahan musalmaano ne masjid bana di....aab bhagwan ke saath koi aaisa karega to unka ghar to tootna hi tha"!!! that was so innocent but enough for me....then I thought, supporting BJP is like supporting Ram Bhagwan itself.....though my parents didn't tell me who they gonna vote,I told my friends that they will vote for BJP. so there we were set out to collect BJP caps and BJP flags and stickers with Vajpayee on that....

But now I think that what was the source of my friends knowledge, he was same age as I was, But how did he know that Babri Masjid act was for the sake of god...I realize after that his father was a RSS activists and that explains it.

After almost 10 years, now that friend is turned out to be a hindu fundamentalists....

The point is not my friend but the words put into his mind from his childhood.....I laugh at myself for supporting BJP due a reason I hate these fundamentalists now.

I don't see any reason for not comparing Taliban with kar sevaks.....the Taliban demolished Bamyian and Kar Sevaks demolished Babri......both did that due the extremists thoughts of few men but there was one difference in the two situations,,,,,we have democracy. Even I don't know what to judge from that statement of mine.
The comment by Vinay Katiyar (founder-President of Bajrang Dal)"Demolition day was the happiest day of my life".....made me feel pity for him......I am not with any political party but not certainly with a party that can't hold its dogs. I know that 14th feb,,,,few bikers stopped near 10 no. market in bhopal with lathis and trishool in their hands and just set out to dismantle the Archies Gift Shop there for it was selling valentine day greetings.....they go by molesting girls and beating the males with them. This happened for all those year Uma Bharit was the chief minister of MP.

Some people set the example of Narendra Modi and Vajpayee as the best men of BJP, but for me they are just Karan and Bishma on Dhuryadhonas side.

I feel that the people who justify their act on 6 dec 1992, are not just fooling themselves but an entire nation.

Just that, this is the time for liberals from both sides, not to let these extremists spoil our believes. And I don't want to see the next generation grow like my poor friend. We already had enough.


  1. Well I agree on most points with you. Except when u talk of Vajpayee and Modi on the same lines as that og few goons from Bajrang Dal and the likes........

    U must visit Gujrat Once to know what Modi has transformed state into....The Law and Order over there is amazing...And when a criminal activity takes place in the state criminal doesn't care the victim is iether hindu or muslim...

  2. "Karan and Bishma on Dhuryadhonas side"
    which side u r??

  3. I also agree on most of the points ...
    but politics is very strange..
    People like u and me can not understand what is going on....
    In fact I am not in favor of any party....
    I do not understand what actually we should do to stop all these
    See congress is ruling since last 55 years
    And u can see the difficulty of a common man very easily today....
    Corruption,Prices of daily used things like milk,vegetables,pulses, transport,terrorism,road-rage...
    there is nothing like that we can say "We are proud of this except population and poverty"
    I think u have forgotten the 1984 riots who was responsible for them.....
    Whoever be ???
    Now so many years have passed and they were showing all this as a bravery act on all news channel....
    What is the use????
    rather than concentrating on real issues "congress gade murde ukahdne me lagi hui h"
    Whatever has happened that time has gone??
    What's the use whoever was responsible for all these???
    Now think for the well being of common man
    that u would not do
    Will spend 33 crores to save a terrorist
    but would not spend the money where it is needed more.....

  4. Very well said ......
    Actually most of the politicians are duryodhana , and worse they try to pose as bhishma and karna. Because you may have realized now , that bhishma and karna are actually with time have turned out to be popular amongst masses. While in reality they were the ones who were capable of stopping this evil than abeting it.

  5. Well said buddy. You gave words to the repulsive feeling I had towards Modi. I didn't like him since the time I came to understand what caste and religious differences are doing to a spirit called humanity.