Saturday, July 17, 2010

Will we be, a good HOST?

The People of India are the proud host of XIX Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010 scheduled from 3 through 14th October 2010. Over 8000 athletes and officials from 71 nations and territories of the Commonwealth will participate in 17 sporting events along with sports like lawn-ball, netball and rugby-seven.

From our countries 1.15 billion population (as on Jul 27, 2009) people of Delhi will be welcoming the guests from around the world and  participants who will take part in 272 medal events.....With the excitement growing around the capital city, I am pretty sure that the games will be fine and we will deliver the best ever CWG. Security being one of the major concern for the games and with 1.6 billion $ pumped into games and its organization, a major amount will be pushed for the security…. But there is something different which is bothering me. Will we be, a good host???

I am trying to focus the attention towards a threat to our guest from the so called robbers/chain snatchers/mobile snatchers/rapers whatever you can call them….

My stay in NCR is nearing to a year soon, and I have concluded/witnessed that the city is not safe. For me safe is a relative term…..if you go around at 2am on streets something bad is bound to happen and of not than you should consider yourself lucky. And even if you have to move out you will be conscious to avoid any danger. The term unsafe in a city is what I call when you have to be cautious during the morning walks, hot afternoons and in the evenings also(before 9pm), now that’s unsafe and this is what NCR is.

People compare NCR with Mumbai Chennai or any other Indian city. But according to them NCR is the most unsafe and insecure….. in 2005, Delhi accounted for the highest percentage (16.2%) of the crimes reported in the 35 cities in India with populations of one million or more and its crime graph is still shooting up as a gas filled balloon, the situation now more or less is still the same. Newspapers even address NCR as National Crime Region…..While the preparations of the games are on, I am sure that the people who perform these crimes will also be planning something to catch the big and fancy vulnerable prey i.e. our guests.

Most of the population living in NCR knows, that these situations can come around and are somewhat prepared… but people coming to Delhi during the games won’t be so aware….

My point is just that there should be a strategic move and the security personnel should be routed to control these crimes,  especially during the commonwealth games…..cause this is the time when India can showcase itself to the world as spectacular nation and elevate India's reputation as a host country. I don’t know any solution to this…may be you can suggest one....but this is a matter of serious concern…..

I just hope that during CWG these maniacs will keep their calm….and let the event complete with harmony and peace.


  1. Actually I am pretty much assured that nothing wrong will happen ... b'caz you will be busy in volunteering for CWG. [:P ]